Watching football: Champions League Final

No prizes for guessing what I will be doing tonight but most people don’t actually need advice either on where to watch the game. You can walk down pretty much any street in the centre of Frankfurt and find a bar or restaurant showing the final.

But this year is a bit special because for the first time in years (and probably for a long time in the future) two English teams are competing. So if you want to celebrate the absence of Spanish, Italian and German teams in the final with a few like minded Brits and miscellaneous other nationalities, then here are a few good bets:

Waxy’s at Eschersheimer Tor is always a safe bet. A standard looking Irish pub that always shows the English games whether Champions League, Premier League or other. The high ceiling and mezzanine floor make for good views of the big screen though. Reliable crowd of expats although a little short of seating space and burgers that can be a little hit and miss. After a few beers and a good first half who cares, right?

Fox and Hound in Westend is an equally good haunt for Brits although slightly smaller and less geared towards watching the footie. Very similar on the food to Waxy’s. The pies can be very nice but the rest is a roll of the dice. Have a pint or two before considering your options.

O’Reilley’s at the Hauptbahnhof is another good option if you are brave enough to wade through the less salubrious crowds outside the main train station. The pub is big and caters for large crowds on match night. Often attracts short term business visitors as well staying in the hotels nearby. Biggest issue here is getting a place to stand, let alone sit and just hope your food arrives before the game finishes. Great atmosphere though, just have an early dinner before you go!

Irish Pub Bornheim is the last one I would recommend, especially for the gentry among us who paid for an apartment out in Bornheim and can’t be bothered to come down to the city any more ;). Nice little pub halfway up Berger Straße. The food is probably the nicest of the 4 pubs and they do a nice portion of fish & chips. Outside of footie they also host weekly pub quiz nights if you are into that sort of thing. Each to his own!

By the way, I almost forgot to mention the game. Liverpool v Spurs. But if you didn’t know that you probably don’t need this post either…

2 thoughts on “Watching football: Champions League Final

  1. I was there Thurs – Sat and I have to say the service, food & choice of beers was excellent. 11 different beers on tap !! Not that I managed them all 🙂
    Saturday was a bit slower, seems to be more of a week day pub, but they have a great sport set up & were showing 4 different games at once incl the live premiership at 3pm. Will definitely go back when I return. A big thumbs up from me. Thanks

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