Where to eat Steak

Probably best for vegans and vegetarians to look away now as this could get bloody… I have invested a fair amount of time and energy and consumed a considerable amount of red meat in order to identify some of the best places to get a steak around Frankfurt. This list is by no means comprehensive as steak houses have become a standard addition to any restaurant district. There are also a few additional good ones that I have heard of but just haven’t had the chance to visit yet.

This list is not specifically just about the meat since for me it is also important to have a good atmosphere and a nice glass of red wine at a sensible price.

Buffalo is one of my favourite places for the range of cuts available, the perfect location and great wine list. All of the meat is Argentinian and priced so that even those on a tighter budget can enjoy a meal at a very fashionable location in the centre of the city. This is great place to entertain someone on their first visit to Frankfurt without needing to leave the city centre. Space is limited though so book ahead.

New Brick, Sachsenhausen

New Brick is a choice for those looking for a quieter meal on the south of the river. It is actually the hotel restaurant of the Lindner hotel and is really under promoted (doesn’t even have a website) so good for a quiet evening. Selection of meat is very limited but excellent quality. This was one of the best steaks I had had in a while. And once the meal is over you can head next door to Harry’s New York bar for an after dinner cocktail.

The Lodge is probably my favourite place of all, but unfortunately the only one that isn’t actually in Frankfurt. It is a pain to get to, but once you are there you will understand why it is one of the top destinations. The restaurant overlooks the Opel Zoo in Kronberg with a stunning view of the Frankfurt skyline from afar. The prices of both the meats and the wines are on the high end, so this is probably one for a really special occasion. You won’t be disappointed though. Just don’t try to rely on public transport to get there.

T&T Steakhouse, Nordend

T&T Steakhouse is a little bit far from the centre in Nordend but easily reached on the ubahn. The menu is on the expensive side but the meals was exceptional. The highlight for me was the selection of homemade sauces and relishes that are served alongside the meat. We ordered a joint dish with 800g for two people but had trouble finishing it all before it went a little cold. The wine selection is also exceptional but a little on the pricey side. Be careful when ordering by the glass as your bill will balloon…!

Ojo de Agua is part of a small chain of Argentinian restaurants and definitely has top marks for atmosphere. The restaurant is on the edge of the city centre just round the corner from Buffalo and, although it is a little tight for space inside the combination of decent prices and good wine make this a good regular destination. I particularly liked the affordable lunch menu where you can get away with a nice small steak for under €20. Only downside was the limited choice of cuts.

Cocina Argentina is another Argentinian restaurant (clearly I have a type) in Ostend which is small, colourful and a surprising good selection of meats. It technically isn’t a steak restaurant but their meat cuts and quality are better than many other places. It’s also not so well known so the prices are reasonable and you can often get away without reserving.

Miller & Carter, Frankfurt City Centre

Miller & Carter is a brand that is probably known better to Londoners but they are now opening their first venue in Germany next to the Sofitel Hotel in a few days. I have already been for a preview and the meats were as good as expected. Unlike any of the other steakhouses listed, this is the only venue that will be offering exclusively British beef and at a surprising good price considering the location of the restaurant. The atmosphere is more lounge than restaurant as well making for a very nice place to relax after a day in the city. Expect this place to be busy so make sure to book ahead.

Honourable mentions should also include Ranch & Sea on Liebigstrasse and The Black Bulls on Bockenheimer Landstrasse. Both look good and I have heard good recommendations for both, but just haven’t made it there myself yet.

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