Craving British food at Christmas?

This is clearly for the Brits among you, so sorry for everyone who isn’t interested in short bread and fudge!

Its end of November, cold, grey and time to start thinking about Christmas. If you are spending the holiday here then you will need to be stocking up on Christmas puddings, marmalades and shortbread pretty soon. There is only one place in Frankfurt where you can get British food and it isn’t a great selection and they often run out of popular items at this time of year.

There are a few online options luckily but you need to order in the next couple of weeks to be sure of delivery. The best new one I have seen this year is the British Hamper Company who actually contacted me and sent a sample their hamper for this post. What I like about them is that it good partly just to fill the table at Christmas but also works great as a present.

Starting at about €60, the hampers aren’t cheap but the food is good quality and sourced from local producers in the UK. Of course the nicest hampers with Chirstmas puddings and shortbread are often above €100. The hampers are shipped by courier from Lincolnshire so they have plenty of local suppliers to choose from. I have to admit the funniest one that probably will never be ordered by anyone in Germany or Switzerland is the ‘Mulled wine and Merry-making Hamper‘. I think we have enough mulled wine already!

If you don’t mind the €250 price tag then this hamper is definitely the one to go for:

Of course, this isn’t the solution for everyone. If you are looking for more pragmatic solutions for Christmas goods then there is of course the British Corner Shop which provides standard items worldwide. There is also an online store for Germany, but to be honest, even though it is cheaper, they are selling regular supermarket items for often 3 or 4 times the regular price. I don’t know about you but nearly €6 for a jar of Robinson’s mincemeat is testing my pain threshold…. I bought it once and it still hurts… (the same jar is only €2 at the British Corner Shop).

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