L’Art Sucre – new pâtisserie in Frankfurt

This place has been one of my favourites ever since I got to Frankfurt, but it didn’t warrant a blog post as their two shops were in Wiesbaden and Bad Homburg. As much as I liked their delicate little cakes and chocolates, it always seemed a bit of a stretch to go to Bad Homburg just for the sake of a sweet tooth.


But that problem has now been solved as they have opened a third cafe in Frankfurt now, right in the heart of the city in Hauptwache. L’Art Sucre is actually already fairly famous among the Frankfurt Cake-Eaters community (not a real community in case you are about to google it…) but now with their new location, I am sure that the reputation is going to grow.

Prices are not cheap as you can expect for the location and atmosphere, but it is worth it occasionally. Cakes and coffee for two will set you back about €20. There is also limited space inside for about 20 people to sit and eat, and since the place seems popular with people who are looking to chill for a few hours, it isn’t easy to get a seat.

The best use though is presents. The cakes are visually amazing and have a really good impact on delivery. Definitely a memorable birthday present for someone. The pictures here, hopefully speak for themselves…




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